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In a time and space before I knew how to even turn on a pottery wheel, there was an idea that all things should have a wonky face on them and that this world would be a better place. That's how these pieces were born. Hand built and wonkier than ever, these dudes were the inspiration to my current wonky face collection and so have became the original OG guys, leading the way to a better future. You could own a piece of history.


A lovingly, hand made item. Due to the nature of the glaze and patching in the paint, these are not considered food safe/ suitable for food consumption. They make lovely little dishes or planters though.


Reason for being in the sample sale: Testers. Patching on the glaze.

Original Wonky Faces

  • Appox width 8 cm (not including handle) x height 5.5 cm x depth 8.5 cm

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