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The Perfect Period Outfit

I'm sitting writing this blog post on a gloomy bank holiday Monday, it feels like Autumn has arrived and truth be told, I'm not feeling especially happy about it. At least I have a good excuse to stay inside and snuggle up which is exactly what I want to do as I don't feel particularly active or beautiful as my period has arrived and we aren't the best of friends. Instead of wallowing in my own self-misery whilst my womb tries to eat itself (or something that feels like that) I thought it would be best to try and be productive and there is nothing better than a great outfit to make you feel good at "that" time of the month!

I find that the best type of outfit I can wear on my period is something that makes me feel like I'm in pyjamas and is ridiculously comfortable. However, to combat the lack of self confidence I already feel I need a look that also boosts the good vibes making me feel cool or quirky or pretty or at least like I've made a bit of an effort! Skirts often make me feel exposed, dresses can be too tight and jeans are too stiff and uncomfortable. Let's not even talk about light colours... It's taken me a while to realise that a classic t-shirt and trouser combo can be perfect if I get the specific items just right. I'm a sucker for a mom shape trouser and any t-shirt with a cute slogan or fun design.

T-shirt - 2nd Day, Trousers - Urban Outfitters, Cardigan - Zara, Slippers - Totes

I decided to wear this super cute white slogan tee by 2nd Day which I picked up the other day. It's currently in the sale and I absolutely love the lilac colour and the textured material on the wording, "2nd Lover". To be honest it's pretty true as my boyfriend definitely loves his tech gadgets more than me! I decided to team it with these awesome check print trousers by Urban Outfitters from their vintage renewal section. I think a good check trouser is a must for any wardrobe and I get compliments every time I wear these which is a great feeling to have when I'm feeling a little low because of silly body hormones. Although they are high waisted, which I would tend to avoid with bloated period belly, they aren't too tight so don't make me feel self conscious at all.

I knew I had to wear a super comfy knitted cardigan to hang out in and this one by Zara is wonderful. I bought it a few years ago and it still feels really soft. I just love the length for lounging around in and it really adds to the ultimate comfort feel. To finish the look off I wore my amazing memory foam slippers by Totes which never leave my feet when I'm in the house. The memory foam allows them to mould to the shape of my feet equalling the most comfy slippers I've ever had which also equals a super happy me. And lets face it, if you have happy feet you have a happy mind... Not sure if that's true but it definitely helps!

I spent the day on my sofa, browsing the internet, watching films and reading. TLC is the best to make my mood better. I was given this lovely little book called Vajournal by Isabella Bunnell for Christmas and thought it would be a perfect read. It has the most beautiful illustrations in it and cute little activities to do that are playful and thought provoking. The perfect book to lighten the female spirit whilst engaging with feminism. I also like to drink hot Ribena (all the time, not just on my period!) and thought using my Drama Queen mug was apt. I'm happy to accept the role of Drama Queen although, I'm not really surprised that a women's mood changes when on a period with all the hormones whizzing around and it really bloody hurts! I don't think it should ever be an excuse but it is completely understandable.

Overall, periods make me feel gross. But it is a comfort to know that focussing on the little things can really help to change my mood. Find what works for you. It's all about wearing whatever you like, whatever makes you feel happy and whatever makes you feel comfortable. We, ladies, have to put up with this every month so we may as well use it as an excuse to treat ourselves and look and feel good.

P.S Hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend too!

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