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The Bra That Saved My Life

I've often wondered what my life would be like if I had a bra size that was deemed normal. I imagine I would walk around in my underwear most of the time and feel beautiful. Clad in delicate, lace or the softest floral satin with no underwire in sight. Just elegant, comfortable beauty. In reality having a big cup size and tiny back means that what I wear under my clothes everyday is usually ill fitting and uncomfortable. That was until ASOS released a product that would change my life...

You may think that the title for this blog post is a bit extreme. But unless you've spent whole days of your life feeling uncomfortably annoyed with wire bending around your body, poking at your ribs or had to make-do with pieces of material barely covering your nipples, offering no support at all to the weight protruding from your chest then you won't understand. I tell you now, this is life changing. I've been saved.

The problem with most fuller bust ranges on the high street are that;

  1. The price is usually extortionate.

  2. The designs make you feel like a Grandma.

  3. You are limited with the amount of shops you can go to.

  4. The stockists are usually very limited with what sizes they have.

So what's a big busted girl to do?

Bra - ASOS, Knickers - Primark

I've always been impressed with ASOS' fuller bust range and have previously ordered bikinis and bras from the website. However, I recently started wanting to wear bras with no underwire or padding and with the rise in cute triangle bras on the high street, I knew that was the style of bra that I needed. I searched high and low but the problem with most triangle bras is that they come in general sizes (S, M, L) and I soon found that this does not work for my body at all. Small barely covers anything, medium is too loose around my back. If only a store would become my saviour and release a triangle style bra with specific sizes, particularly ones designed for a fuller bust.

Cue ASOS. I was shocked to find this fuller bust triangle bra on their website and at £8 it is an absolute steal. It is available in various colours for all your daily needs and it looks super cute too. Of course I had to order it straight away and decided to opt for the classic black colour.

It's safe to say someone has answered my prayers. I've worn it everyday since I received it. I think I need to buy more colours so I can actually wash it... Not only does this bra fit properly, but it feels like it is giving me proper support without digging into my body or feeling too tight around my back. The microfibre is super soft and the cut is perfect for wearing under absolutely anything.

Looking back on their website they have added even more styles and some are even pretty and lacey too. I can't wait to try them and get rid of every old, uncomfortable bra that is sitting unwanted in my draw. All I have to say is thank you ASOS! Fellow bigger busted women, you don't have to suffer anymore!

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