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Summer Essentials 2018: Beauty and Wellbeing

Clockwise from top left: Micellar Water - Garnier, Perfume - Penhaligon's, Hand Cream - Vaseline, Candle - Alkimi & Aura, Body Mask - Black Magic, CC Cream - Clinique, Tea - Birdhouse Tea Company, Conditioning Sprary - Aussie, Tea Tree Oil - Dr. Organic

The summer is my favourite time of the year. I naturally feel and look healthier with the usually shy sun providing me with lots of much needed love and vitamins. However, living in the UK, with questionable amounts of sun even in the summer, and rushing around a busy city day-to-day takes it's toll, and I find I still need a bit of TLC every once in a while with help from a few lovely products.

Here is my list of essentials which are making me feel (and look) beautiful this summer:

Starting off with the everyday essentials! My hair, in particular my scalp, always dries out in the heat and I find that often anti-dandruff shampoo makes it worse. Instead I've found using tea tree oil by Dr. Organic is a great alternative. A few drops added to any regular shampoo goes a long way. Plus you can use it on pretty much anything, from spots to scars to a summer cold! Another basic essential is to help out my face which always feels very oily in the summer, especially at the end of the day. I use micellar water by Garnier twice a day (morning and night) to help feel refreshed and clean out my clogged pores. I've been using it for years now and it never fails to make my skin feel clean and get rid of the blackheads.

I never wear much makeup on my face in the summer in fear that it will melt off! If I do decide to wear anything I like to keep the product I use light. I moisturise everyday and have started using a hand cream by Vaseline on my face instead. Now I know what you're thinking, why not just use a face product? I actually find that the texture of this cream is perfect for a light coverage and it doesn't feel too sticky, plus it comes in a super cute LuLu Guinness designed tube so you can't really go wrong. To finish, I use CC Cream by Clinique to even out my skin tone and give a glowing complexion. I've tried a lot of CC creams and this is definitely my favourite. It covers well but is still a lot lighter than a foundation which I find too thick for wearing everyday.

I believe the key to staying summer fresh is to help keep as much moisture in as possible to make your skin and hair happy. I use a conditioning spray by Aussie whenever my hair starts feeling a little dry. Spray it on, leave it in, and the next time you wash your hair it will be revitalised and super soft. An alternative for the body is dead sea mud by Black Magic. I was gifted this from a friend who has just been away in Israel and she bought it back for me. Truth be told, I haven't used it yet, but I've used similar products and they are amazing for deep cleaning the skin, eliminating all dead skin cells and cleaning deep into the pores. Using a body mask like this almost feels like a much needed skin reset!

Now, I couldn't do an essentials post without posting some products by lovely independent brands. These are some of the loveliest things and what I like to call the look-after-yourself products. I'm a massive fan of candles and I really believe the key to a happy heart and home is a natural aroma of essential oils coming from a newly lit one. This one is by Alkimi and Aura and is just divine! It has a 20 hour burning time and is hand poured in a small batch. The scent is a mix of fruit and light spice which is perfect for summer nights and it helps to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. It's honestly one of the loveliest candles I've ever smelt. Another thing to help stay relaxed this summer is a good pot of peace garden tea by Birdhouse Tea Company. I can't say I'm much of a tea drinker but my boyfriend swears by this one and has at least one cup a day. It's an artisan blend of chamomile and Yorkshire lavender with lemongrass and peppermint too. The floral taste is light and perfect for a summer day and the natural blend is soothing. Hello good nights sleep! Goodbye eyebags!

Finally, everyone needs a bit of luxury in their lives and I can't think of anything better than this perfume set by Penhaligon's. It's absolutely amazing for the price as you get 10 samples and they are great for carrying around in your bag for a refresh throughout a warm summer day or for taking on holiday as they are the perfect travel size! My favourite in this set has to be "Vaara" with notes of Indian magnolia, coriander and musk. It is both florally sweet and unusual with rich warming tones. It smells exactly like a summer afternoon in a perfect garden. The perfume is really well made with traditional techniques, meaning the scent lasts for hours.

I'd love to hear all of your top tips on summer must-haves and don't forget to treat yourself once in a while and look after yourself!

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