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Relocation, Relocation

I've been a bit quiet of late. As often is the case, life definitely took over and got in the way of the creative projects I've been doing, including this blog. So, Hello. Good afternoon. Bonjour. Moi. I'm back and the reason for my absence is that I relocated and finally moved house to South London. I'm still busy settling in and finalising places for all my things but my god! I'm in LOVE with my new home and in all my excitement I thought I'd give you a glimpse into some of my favourite corners of the house.

I was originally planning on documenting the move with a post but when the time came it was just too stressful, never mind the lack of WiFi, and I was way too tired to even function in life let alone planning a blog post! I also didn't think anyone would really want to see a bunch of photos of boxes and read advice on how to pack them... I bet some of you are wondering why I decided to move. I'm starting an MA from September at Goldsmiths University which is in South London so decided I needed to be based nearer to the course. My boyfriend has a love for living in South London and he was just itching to get back to the leafy, residential area. So, we decided to move to Brockley and found this amazing flat which we just knew we needed to call home.

My favourite room of the house has to be the living room. It is super bright and airy and has all the classic Victorian features which I just love. Growing up in Victorian houses makes this flat feel instantly homely to me and the fireplace, bay windows and skirting boards really make it very special. A house only becomes a home when you unpack and make it your own. I love quirky, antique ornaments, neutral tones with pops of colour and plants, lots and lots and lots of plants! I had one request from the boyfriend, "don't over fill the space". I think I've done a pretty good job to add exciting elements without making it too messy or full. I've spent a long time over the years collecting from antique fairs and flea markets and I really recommend it. You never know what you might find and it will take your house to the next level by making it unique.

The room has a neutral colour scheme with hints of cream, pink and yellow which is perfect for a relaxing, homely feel. Arguably the most important feature is the sofa which needs to be irresistibly comfy with cushions and throws to snuggle up in when it gets colder in the winter. This one will be absolutely perfect when the time comes. My favourite fluffy pillow is from The Conran Shop which has to be one of my favourite homeware stores in London, if only I could afford everything in it! The cream throw is from IKEA and has served me well since my student days. I'm trying to have less IKEA stuff in the house but there is no denying that it is great for affordability and stylish ease. The yellow throw and cushion are from Matalan and I have been really impressed with all of their homeware recently. I'm definitely going to pick up some more bits from there. Alongside the antiques and plants I have a couple of bits of artwork by my twin sister, Ella, who is an illustrator. I'm just waiting for some picture hooks to put them on the wall but they are incredible and I can't wait to get some more art to add to my collection now that I have the wall space!

We are lucky enough to have a spare room in the flat which we have decided to use as a study. After years of working from my old office (in the form of a bed), I've only just realised how much I've needed my own working space as a freelancer and soon-to-be student. As I was putting everything together this desk space instantly became one of my favourite corners of the flat and a place that I can definitely call my own. I knew that I wanted my desk space to be minimalist to help relax my mind when I work. I got the grey tweed chair from a lovely lady off Freecyle because who knew office chairs could be so expensive. I'm a great advocate for recycling so when I found this it was just perfect! My advice is to check the website everyday as things get added and claimed really quickly but I guarantee you will find what you are looking for eventually.

As for the decorations, you may have notice I have a few furry friends around the house. I have a slightly weird obsession with taxidermy and have adopted a few creatures over the years. I know that many people may turn their face up at the idea and think it is cruel however, I would never buy fur or modern taxidermy and all the pieces I own are antique items with individual stories of how they came to be. For example, Klaus the Crow was from a bird sanctuary in Africa whilst Pascal the Pine Martin came from France, and it gives me a bit of comfort to think that at least now these animals are well loved and have a good home. In pride of place I have a signed David Attenborough poster which my Auntie gifted me from when she worked at the BBC. I am yet to meet the man but this poster inspires me to be adventurous and show that the world is an unlimited place if you put your mind to it. Finally, more plants. We got some new ones from The Nunhead Gardener which I would highly recommend as a wonderland of greenery and all your plant needs. Plus the staff are really friendly and helpful so if you're ever in the area stop by.

I could talk more about every single item in the flat but there just isn't the time or space. In the future I may do an in depth room by room post but for now... Overall, I really feel like we have started to make a home from home here in Brockley. There are still little bits that I'd like to buy or change but I definitely feel at home here and you can't do everything at once. Part of the charm is to accumulate stuff and settle over time. The area is perfect too and I can't wait to get out and explore more and start finding my favourite local haunts and regular hangouts. I'm already planning a blog post so expect an area guide soon!

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