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Not My Graduation

It's strange to think my own graduation was four years ago. I remember it well and the outfit I wore became the first post of the old blog I used to write. I remember struggling to decide what to wear as I knew my outfit would perpetually be seen in my graduation photo. I remember concentrating really hard on not falling up the stairs on the way to collect my certificate in the shoes I'd decided to wear! Fast forward to now, and I attended Erik, my boyfriend's, graduation. It took me a while to decide on what outfit to wear but the day was all about sophistication and I definitely didn't feel the same pressure as on my own graduation day.

Although the day wasn't about me, I wanted to wear something elegant and exciting. To be honest, I pretty much live in casual wear so whenever I can dress up in a smart outfit I get pretty excited! I definitely could have been more organised and didn't end up wearing what I'd previously decided on. I'd planned a different outfit in my head but didn't try it on till the day. Turns out, that was a mistake because when I put the skirt on it was a lot shorter then I remember and was definitely not appropriate attire for a family day out! I considered a dress, but all my dresses are black which I thought would be boring (I think I need to invest in some new dresses). I then panicked with only half an hour to decide what to wear so thought it was best to settle on a classic combination of shirt and trousers but with an interesting colour pallet.

Shirt - Acne, Trousers - Zara, Shoes - All Saints, Bag - Lulu Guinness, Pearls - Vintage

The trousers are by Zara (Alternative Here) and are one of my favourite pairs ever. They have survived many a wardrobe sort out and are perfect for adding a little bit of "fashion" to any smart outfit. I don't know about you, but I just love a dog-tooth print and think it automatically looks cool and trendy and is one of the most timeless prints around. I love teaming it with a block colour to make it POP so decided to wear this beautiful shirt by Acne. Every time I wear this shirt I get a compliment because the colour is just so wonderful. The fabric is semi-sheer and breezy making it really comfortable to wear and it was perfect for Friday's weather which was ridiculously humid.

Accessory-wise I wanted to keep it minimalist and stick with the colour theme. I knew it would be another long day of walking around and so decided to wear these blue winkle-piker shoes by All Saints (Similar Here) as they are really comfy but also smart. I've loved these ever since I laid eyes on them and they are my go to smart shoe. I also wore my lip clutch bag by Lulu Guinness which is a classic. The rose gold colour goes with everything and it's such a stand out piece. To finish the look I wore a vintage pearl necklace which once belonged to my Nanny. I thought it was a fitting opportunity to wear it as part of the celebration and have decided I want to bring pearls back in fashion! They are just so classy and I really don't see many people wearing them anymore!

It was a really lovely day spent celebrating with prosecco, a walk along the Southbank and the most food I've ever eaten at The Mayflower pub. I honestly never thought I'd recover from the meal but it was all so yummy and such a nice setting looking out onto the Thames from one of London's oldest pubs. I guess the last thing to say is well done Erik! I'm so, so proud of him for working really hard on his degree. I can't wait for us to both go back to university again from September and be students together!

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