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Introducing Me!

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to my blog. Now, I know what you are all thinking; "There are too many fashion and lifestyle blogs in the world so why on earth are you starting one?!" Well...

I used to have a fashion blog many moons ago which mainly focused on high street style and affordable fashion. Although this is something that still interests me, my life has changed significantly and I now have many projects besides fashion which I partake in.


Photo by Aupho

I've been modelling professionally for around 2 years now and have been signed to various agencies in and around London. Although this is something I do on a part time basis I hope to give you an insight into the world in front of the camera.

Theatre & Performance

Performing Meditating I/Os

I studied Drama Studies at university and from September will be studying an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. I primarily create experimental theatre and live art performance and do a bit of directing and acting too! This blog will also follow my journey into my MA and beyond the audience into the theatre industry. Expect posts such as "what to wear on your first day of uni" and "what to wear to a rehearsal"! (Fun, I know!)


I've recently started a music project with my good friends Adam and Ritu. After a Twitter conversation, a few pints in a Camden pub, and a Facebook call out, "KIN" was born. I'm satisfying the dreams I had as a 14 year old by writing songs, singing and playing synth of an exciting Indie Electronic band. This blog will also follow me into the unknown world of band life and gigging and I intend to do lots of posts of great band attire and what to wear on stage.


Fashun, 2015

Yes, that is a #TB of me from my old fashion blog. Yes, I promise that my outfits have improved since then.

I want this blog to be a fashion blog with a twist! Although it will primarily focus on outfit posts, I also want it to be a representative of the real, day - to - day life that I have as a creative living in London! If it can be useful and entertaining to any of you then really that is all that matters. Hopefully you will follow me on this journey and we can have lots of fun together!

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