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Brighton Pride X Britney

Last weekend I was transported back to the 90's and all my dreams came true. Rewind 18 years and I'm back in my bedroom dancing on my bed to "Oops... I did it again" and wishing I was a pop starlet. Cut to now, 2018, and I finally got to watch one of my childhood idols, Britney Spears, at Brighton Pride Festival.

I knew that I had to go all out with an outfit for the occasion. After all, it isn't everyday you get to dress up for Pride and Britney and it was definitely an opportunity to go all out 90's babe. There is no better place than Pride to wear something extreme or eccentric or fun and celebrate being unique. It's a chance to try something new and let loose a little bit more than normal. It was above 30 degrees and I decided to build my outfit around an amazing cropped bralet by UNIF. I haven't worn this since my uni days and to be honest I was a little apprehensive as it does show rather a lot of skin. The galaxy print is amazing though and was definitely appropriate rainbow colours for Pride. I thought I would cover up a little with a suede fringe jacket by Topshop (Alternative Here) which helped to make me feel more comfortable and add to the festival look. I don't know what it is about fringe detail that automatically turns an outfit into a festival look but it definitely does!

I wore some simple black high waist shorts by Dr Denim which have been my favourite pair of the season and added a vintage belt to the look. A 90's outfit wouldn't be complete without a pair of chunky white trainers so I finished off the look with this pair of Fila disruptors which can only be described as amazingly badass. They are the must have pair of trainers right now and make any outfit immediately cool. They go with just about anything and are ridiculously comfortable too so that's a bonus. I originally bought them as a winter trainer because they are thick and waterproof but have found that a good trainer can be worn in any season, any event, with any outfit. These are just that!

Jacket - Topshop, Top - UNIF, Shorts - Dr Denim, Belt - Vintage, Trainers - Fila, Sunglasses RayBan

I didn't go to all the Pride day events or see the parade and just travelled to Brighton for the festival with Britney headlining. The festival itself was a lot bigger then I imagined with multiple tents, food stalls and clothes stands. It was reported that there were 57,000 people in the crowd so there was no surprise that the queue for the toilet was massive! Britney herself was really entertaining and sung all of her hits with multiple outfit changes (which all looked the same! Black, sequined lingerie) and did her best at energetic dance routines. I think the majority of the crowd could forgive her for miming in typical Britney fashion with a headset mic. The atmosphere was amazing though and I had so much fun dancing around pretending to be a kid again.

I'd love to write more for this post but I am currently living without wifi and in the process of moving house so a short one will have to do for now. Sorry, but I'll make it up to you after the move and show you all around my exciting new London flat. I can't wait!

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