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Behind the Scenes // Shooting Hair With Darcie Harvey

It's here, my first behind the scenes photo shoot post! Hopefully it will be the first of many on this blog. I still get very excited every time I have a photo shoot. There's nothing quite like the atmosphere and energy of a studio with the music up, lights on and camera at the ready. I've met some of the most talented people I've ever met on shoots and it's the one thing that keeps giving me the desire to continue modelling. This week I was asked by the wonderful Darcie Harvey to work with her on a shoot for a hair documentary. Here's what I got up to!

I've previously worked with Darcie when she needed models to work on before her qualifying hair exam. She was the first person to cut my hair into the fringed Parisian bob that I have now and I'll be forever grateful for it! For this shoot, like most shoots, it wasn't a case of just turn-up-on-the-day, shoot, and then go home. There is often a lot of prep before any shoot from castings and fittings to makeup tests and mood board sharing and this shoot was no different.

The process started on Monday when I went to visit Darcie at Brooks & Brooks Salon where she is a stylist. It's a really lovely salon that makes you feel right at home. They even have cupcakes and sweets to eat whilst you wait which is cute. My hair needed to be prepped before the shoot which was a pretty simple process as the cut required was the hairstyle I already have! She just gave me a trim and added a bit of thickness to my fringe. I love getting my hair cut, it feels so shiny and soft afterwards. I was swishing it about all day after I left! It was definitely time for a trim too, my hair felt so much better and ten times lighter. I hadn't realised how much I needed it.


The photo shoot was scheduled for Thursday and I started my day by showering so my hair was fresh and clean to work on. I then headed to the studio in Brixton and was greeted by the lovely team. This one was relatively small compared to a lot of shoots and we still had Darcie on hair, Gina doing makeup, Owen taking the photos, plus two other models and the documentary film team! The theme of the shoot was classic short haircuts with female power suits. I got to wear the most beautiful yellow, gold velvet suit from Zara and I had to resist everything not to take it home with me.

I started the shoot by having a hair refresh to make sure it was absolutely perfect. Any out of place hair would be caught on camera so it had to be very precise with clean, sharp lines. Next up was makeup where I had a lovely base put on (not too thick), followed by eyebrows, eyes and finally lips. The look was to compliment my outfit so gold was used on my top lid to add a bit of drama and the main feature was a dark red lip to set the whole look off. Gina is a M.A.C makeup artist too so most, if not all, of the product she used was by them. This look would definitely be perfect for a night out to add a vampy and sophisticated feel.

Then came the actual shoot and time for me to do my job. The start of a shoot is always nice and relaxing for me because I get a free hair and face make over and it's easy to forget I actually have work to do! The shoot itself was very straight forward with a simple white backdrop, a couple of stools to help with levels and a request for power poses, something which felt very natural in my gorgeous suit. The hardest part was getting the angles right so that the hair looked at its best. It was all about the hair after all! Luckily I had a very helpful Darcie and Owen on hand to tell me what worked and we were all really happy with the final result.

I want to say a big thank you to all the team for being so lovely and easy to work with. I can't wait to show you the final pictures!

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