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I remember as a kid dreading September coming because it would mean summer was officially over and it was time to go back to school. The small consolidation for this was a few weeks previously, walking into WH Smiths to pick up a new selection of smelly gel pens, a bendy ruler or whatever the new stationery trend was to start the academic year. I may be 25 years old now, but my excitement for stationery has apparently not changed, and if anything has grown in my years. The time has come for me to start thinking about returning to university for my MA and I find myself eager to buy lots of new, pleasing knick-knacks to fill my bag.

1. Highlighters - Zebra, 2. Pencil Case - Crafty Sew Creations (Etsy), 3. Gel Pens - Kikki.k, 4. Diary - Moleskine, 5. Drink Flask - Alohha, 6. Pen - Paperchase, 7. Rucksack - Fjallraven, 8. Page Markers - Midori, 9. USB Drive - Hema

Maybe subconsciously this is the reason for my choosing to study an MA in the first place. We will never know. But what I do know is that I have a love for novelty stationery which is useful and often featuring various breeds of the animal kingdom... I've compiled a wish list of some of my favourite findings from the web.


I thought I would begin by talking about some of the must-have items that I found and which are definitely needed for a prosperous school year. There would be nowhere to put the cute and ever-so useful other stationery items on my list if I was to find myself without a bag. Now, I'm not usually a rucksack kind of girl, but after borrowing my boyfriend's Kanken by Fjallraven I found that it was great for carrying my laptop round all day and I definitely became a convert. This is a must for any university bag as it is super light, spreading the weight of all the heavy library books, making them easier to carry around all day. And let's face it, academic books are really heavy, what with all the dense information they have inside. I decided the colour "Fog" is my favourite as it is more exciting then black but will still go with everything I wear whatever the season.

I don't actually own a pencil case anymore as I mainly write electronically and only own one pen (more on this later!) and I found this absolutely gorgeous one on Etsy by Crafty Sew Creations. It's handmade and I am totally in love with the fabric. I've always loved bold prints, particularly eyes and lips, and this pencil case is definitely one that you won't get bored of and which will make you happy every time you use it! I also added this diary by Moleskine on the list as organisation is key to uni life and I honestly can't live without my diary. The one I am currently using is becoming too small for me as my life seems to be getting busier and busier. What is great about this particular planner is that it has a week to a page plus a spare page opposite for notes. This is great for someone like me who can plan my week but also make coinciding to-do-lists and as the diary is 18-months it means I can start planning for next year which I already have some very exciting plans for! I also seem to have unintentionally started a colour theme on this list of blue hue items with soft yellow and I love it. Perhaps this will become my go to colours for the academic year!


So, I mentioned that I currently only own one pen which is something that definitely needs to change. Although we live in the modern world where I'm sure I will be using my laptop for most notetaking (which is what I do now and how I've survived for so long with said one pen...), I still like to do things the old fashioned way and make physical notes from time to time as well as colour code and highlight. The first thing I'll need for this is a statement pen. Obviously. I always liked to buy a ridiculous pen, often fluffy, to make a statement on the first day of school and this is something that I intend to do again. I found the perfect one for me by Paperchase which not only features fluff but also one of my favourite animals, the sloth. Hopefully this pen would be enough encouragement to remind me not to be lazy and to put effort into my work. It also matches the blue theme I have going on so will look perfect when writing in the matching planner.

Another thing I like to have is at least two coloured pens in case I need to make sperate notes or colour code things. Kikki.k do this lovely set of mini gel pens with stars on for all your colour coding needs. They come in a pack of ten which is more than enough options and the stars on the design are a cute touch whilst the mini size is useful to fit in any new pencil case. Highlighters are also a must have. I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the exciting highlighters I could find online but when I saw that these ones by Zebra had glitter in them I knew they were a definite for the list. I don't think I need to say anything else but GLITTER highlighters.


This category is also known as the amazing animal novelty items as I got over excited by the many different animal shaped inanimate objects I could find. But I must add that they are also really useful so there is a reason behind choosing them other then the fact that they are adorable! A drinks bottle is always handy for anyone who is out and about all day and it just so happens that this one by Alohha is also in the shape of a ridiculously cute penguin! I mean, just look at it! Not only can it be useful to hold water to drink in lectures but it is a thermos too meaning in the colder winter months I can save my student pennies and take my own tea in to class. It's definitely a winner.

Moving into the cat kingdom I found these delightful cat shaped index clips by Midori. They can be used to clearly mark pages of text books which is great when researching for essays and needing to repeatedly go back to a page. They did a number of different shapes online but I am a cat lover so these were my favourite choice. The final item on the wishlist is this leopard USB stick by Hema. I am forever losing USB sticks and forever requiring them. The bright yellow colour on this one will make it impossible to lose (I hope!) and I love the slightly avant-garde pose of the animal. Hema have so many lovely things in store for an amazing price so be sure to check out the rest of their stationery selection.


With two and a half weeks to go before my first class starts it is safe to say that I am excited, if not a tiny bit apprehensive. I haven't been in an educational environment for such a long time now (please don't ask how long, I already feel old!) and I'm sure it is going to take me a little while to get back into the mindset and routine of classes. That being said, I feel a lot more prepared this time and with the items on this wish list I feel a nice amount of nostalgia and comfort to the whole experience.

P.S I am officially, once again, a poor student so if anyone wants to donate to a worthy cause and supply me with some of these items then I will be starting up a charity page/donation box...

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