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Autumn Transition Look or Trying to Dress For the Weird Hybrid Weather and Succeeding.

Can someone please, please explain the weather to me. For the past week I've been in disarray after expectantly looking out of my window at what looks like a warm summer's day only to leave the house and find myself freezing, dressed in only a thin outer jacket. Or I've decided not to make the same mistake twice and not to put my trust in the deceiving sun only to find myself sweltering and de-layering the t-shirt, jumper, coat AND hat I've put on. I was at a loss at what to wear and fed up of feeling uncomfortable all day so I decided to take a step back, properly look at my wardrobe and find what the perfect transitional pieces are for this weird hybrid weather. Here is the perfect outfit that I found!

After much consideration, I realised that in order to survive comfortably in this weather, layers are the best option and materials that are neither too thin or thick. It isn't actually that cold temperature wise outside but there can be a bit of chill on the breeze, warmth from the sun or a day that starts off at 20 degrees that rapidly turns close to freezing. I find my upper body gets a lot colder then my legs so usually can get a way with wearing more layers on top to balance a more airy bottom. The one thing that is a must for this type of weather is a waterproof shoe as particularly in England it is likely to randomly begin to rain at any point. Plus, it is quite exciting getting the winter boots out of the wardrobe for the first time! It definitely symbolises a turn of the time of the year. An autumn outfit wouldn't be complete without a combination of dark colours and textures throughout the look and a darker print to carry through to the new season. Add the perfect winter boot and you are all set to stride fashionably into winter.

Jacket - Ralph Lauren, Top - Forever 21, Skirt - Vintage, Boots - H&M, Bag - & Other Stories

I decided to start by building the outfit from the inside out, starting with the key layers underneath. What you can't see is that I'm wearing a black thermal, long - sleeve underneath my turtle neck and this is something that I can't live without. I'm always a cold person and an added thermal layer really helps to keep the heat in. The one and only place to buy a great thermal? M&S of course! They come in many different colours and are the perfect fit to hide underneath any outfit. Plus the material is soft and surprisingly thin for how much heat they retain which is great for layering. I decided to layer it with a ribbed turtle neck by Forever 21 which again, is the perfect thickness. I love a high neck in the autumn and this one goes with just about anything.

I also decided to wear this beautiful pleated skirt which I found in a vintage shop. The length is perfect for in-between weather and the pleats are elegant and sophisticated. It's definitely my new favourite skirt and I can't wait to wear it with tights and a thicker knit later in the year. It will be absolutely perfect. I find that autumn style is all about simplicity as the multi-layers need to match so keeping a minimal colour palette tends to work best. A lot of the outfit is usually hidden under a big knit or oversized coat so focusing on a simple base really makes the focus of key outerwear items come to life.

To take the look to a new level of love and excitement I wore this leopard print jacket by Ralph Lauren which is to-die-for. Not only is animal print the print of the season, it includes all of the autumnal tones which I love. This particular jacket it great because the texture is somewhere between velour and thin velvet making it warming but not too thick. It's also more unusual then a lot of the other jackets I've seen on the high street. The biker fit is slouchy adding an effortless coolness. The boots are by H&M, surprising I know! I bought them last winter but I've been wonderfully surprised with how well they have lasted and I've been really impressed with H&M footwear recently. The shapes are exciting and the premium quality is definitely worth the reasonable price tag. I would definitely recommend having a look at the collection, they are super comfy too. To finish off I added this teddy texture clutch by & Other Stories which is super cute. Teddy texture material is definitely the texture of the season and it really adds a wintry feel to any look.

Although I am not thrilled about the ever decreasing temperature it's hard not to be slightly excited about the change in season. There is something comforting and romantic about the crisp, orange leaves and the pumpkin spiced smells that are starting to surround me. I also love an oversized coat and boot combination too so at least that is a positive. I should try to embrace the season and accept that it is time to take my comfy knits out from the back of the wardrobe and maybe even invest in a new killer coat to get me through to next summer...

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