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A Day in the Life: Music, Meetings and Marching

I had a really busy week last week filled with meetings and work and holiday blues. It took me a lot longer to adjust back into London life than I expected and it overwhelmed me a little if I'm honest. I was worrying about when I would next have time to blog and realised the best thing to do was to tie it into my everyday life and give you a glimpse into an average day for me. I happened to have a super busy and varied Friday planned which I thought would be interesting to talk about. The only exception; last Friday was slightly more strange than usual because (unfortunately) Donald Trump came to visit.

My day was a day of three parts. 1. Music, 2. Marching, 3. Meeting. I started off by getting dressed and I realised I had to wear something that would be suitable for all the day's various activities. I'd just bought a new pair of trainers by Adidas as a treat for myself so thought it was a great excuse to wear them. After all, I'd need a comfy pair of shoes to run around in all day and I know protesting equals walking. I'm obsessed with polka dot print at the moment so when I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them.

It was an absolutely scorching day so I decided to wear my denim shorts by Levi's and my amazing Corbyn t-shirt for comfort. A protest is a place to speak out about your political opinions so I knew I had to show my solidarity with Corbyn. I brought the look together with a cropped, blue blazer by Topshop and a blue Kanken rucksack. I'm not usually a rucksack kind of girl but I needed to take my laptop to band practice and then the meeting via the protest and didn't fancy the weight on my shoulder the whole time. I'll have to admit, I loved using this one (which I borrowed from my boyfriend) because it was lightweight, quick to open and still felt safe and secure to use.

Blazer - Topshop, T-Shirt - eBay, Shorts - Levi's, Trainers - Adidas, Bag - Kanken, Sunglasses - Rayban

First stop of the day was band practice. We rehearse in various studios around London but Friday's rehearsal was in Camden. As we hadn't met for a good few weeks it was more of a chance to refresh the songs that we had written previously and play together again. It felt good to be back in a room as a band and I'm so excited about the music that we are creating. Hopefully I'll be able to release some stuff very soon! I can't wait!

To tell you a little more about us, we are a three piece named Kin and we were formed earlier this year when I met band mate Adam after a show. We began talking about music and decided to try and write some stuff. I'd never really done it before but we found we instantly clicked and decided to find a badass female drummer which we successfully did in Ritu. We make what I would describe as melancholic, electronic indie music and I play the synth, sing and write lyrics. For anyone who has ever wanted to be in a band, I really recommend it. It's an amazing release of creativity for me plus it's such good fun to get together with some lovely people and write down my inner thoughts and feelings and tell stories. I'm living all my 14-year-old-me dreams!

After releasing some energy through music I went straight to central London to let off more energy directed at Donald Trump. I teamed up with some friends to go to the Anti-Trump protest which had been organised as he had come to visit the UK. Donald Trump was quoted saying "I think they like me a lot in the UK." We marched to tell him that we don't. This isn't a blog post to talk about why I don't like Trump, although I'm happy to discuss it more to anyone who is interested, but it is a post to talk about protesting and what it was like to march.

Over 250,000 people had decided they also don't like Trump and that he isn't welcome in the UK and it was amazing to be a part of such a larger group of people. There isn't another feeling like it then being in such close proximity to so many other people all feeling the same, directing their communal thoughts towards one distinct point or in this case, person. The solidarity and power you feel is overwhelming but beautiful.

The assembly point was outside BBC broadcasting house and the route walked all the way down to Trafalgar square where there was a rally all evening with guest speakers. The energy of this particular protest was positive and although the general feeling was one of anger it still felt like there wasn't going to be trouble. There were many amazing and humorous signs, loud chants and even dress up costumes. Overall, I had a great time feeling close to those around me and it made me feel super positive that at least I am out there trying to raise my voice and be heard speaking out about issues I am passionate about.

Last up, I had a theatre meeting with my creative partner and producer to talk about the funding that we are currently applying for. We recently did a two women, feminist show and we are now in the process of applying for Arts Council funding to perform it again, for a longer run in London. It was pretty hard to settle into the meeting coming straight from the protest but luckily the team I'm working with are amazing and make it a lot easier to work.

I really hate applications, I'm not sure why I chose a career that relies on them! I find that the more I do, the better they are and the key to success is being organised and to the point. My diary is honestly my best friend when it comes to working freelance. I would be completely lost without it. My top tips are to try and stay as busy as possible because I find more opportunities come my way if I say yes to things and also surround yourself with amazing, like minded people because then the work will be fun as well as productive. The meeting was really beneficial and we now have a long to-do list before we send off the final draft.

After a ridiculously long day the last thing to do was to throw myself onto my sofa and relax. Days like this can be hard because it feels like I have no free time to myself which is really important. But I do find that if you push yourself it is amazingly rewarding and you always meet exciting people along the way. If it's a busy day filled with things you love then it doesn't really feel like work at all!

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